Advanced Airway Training program (AATP 2015) at Vishakapatanam

A two days Advanced Airway Training program (AATP 2015) was held at Vishakapatanam, April on 14th & 15th March, 2015. The program was organised by the department of Anaesthesiology, Andhra Medical College in association with ISA Vishakapatanam Branch, Vishakapatanam Anesthesia Academic Foundation and All India Difficult Airway Association (AIDAA).

More than 100 delegates participated in two days. The AATP 2015 included short lecture, video session, panel discussion and hands on experience in workshops.

Following Faculty participated:

  • Dr. Raveendra US, KSHEMA Mangalore
  • Dr. Sumalatha R Shetty, KSHEMA Mangalore
  • Dr. Rakesh Garg, AIIMS New Delhi
  • Dr. Nishkarsh Gupta, AIIMS New Delhi
  • Prof. Dr. Satyanarayana, Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. Rakesh Chinthalapudi, Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. T. A. R. S. Verma, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. J. J. David, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. A. Mohan Rao, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. P. Ramesh, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. K. J. Janaki Babu, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. V. V. Lokeshwari, Vishakapatanam
  • Dr. K. Aparnaji, Vishakapatanam

Dr. Rakesh Chinthalapudi organised the workshop. Some of the videos for workshop were provided by Apeksh Patwaand were highly appreciated.