All India Difficult Airway Association (AIDAA) is a professional forum of physicians, who are involved in the management of airway, namely, anaesthesiologists, intensivists, physicians and emergency medicine specialists. It is a non-profit voluntary organization that exists for the benefit of its members and promotion of airway management in the country. The Society was founded in 2010 in Mangalore (Mangaluru) and registration number is DKM/S-139/2010-11.

It has committed itself to improving the Healthcare Standards, Education and Research in airway management. The association is specifically interested in departing knowledge and skill in airway management to all professionals involved in airway management, more so for the ones working in the rural and remote parts of the country, thereby improving the standards of practice and reduction in the mortality and morbidity.

The association is growing and it is envisages to establish creditable membership. It is our vision to conduct various programmes, workshops and conferences at regional and national levels, formulate and publish guidelines, other information material. Providing a platform for exchange of knowledge, especially via the website is our primary concern as this is the most common, fastest and cost effective of all means.

The Executive Committee of the society comprises of the President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Presidents, Zonal representatives and Executive committee members. Apart from the academic promotion, the society caters to the welfare of its colleagues. AIDAA invites you to join this exciting, scientifically progressive organization and enjoy the benefits of Membership.